TeleHealth sessions are suitable for individuals as well as couples, and under certain circumstances may also be suitable for a family intervention. They are available for:

  • Existing patients whose circumstances have changed and can no longer make it to my offices
  • People who live in areas where access to a psychologist is difficult, for example rural or under-serviced areas.

Medicare now covers TeleHealth sessions under the Better Outcomes scheme, so you will be entitled to the usual Medicare rebate. fFor more information you can go to

Online interventions require that you have a reliable Internet connection and a space where you have privacy and will not be interrupted during the session. If you do not have a reliable connection at home you may be able to access the internet through your local library. Also, some GP practices in low service or rural areas offer Internet facilities for their patients so they can access Allied Health services. Ask your family doctor of they can help you access my services.

If you are unable to access a good Internet connection you can book a telephone appointment. Telephone appointments can be just as productive, and some people find that the lack of visual contact allows them to open up more.

Please note that although Skype allows for messages to be sent at any time, my Skype account is only used for sessions, and messages are not monitored, for more information about how to contact me please see the Contact page.