For Families

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”
Alex Haley

Families are complex networks of relationships that are shaped by personalities as well as expectations.

Sometimes families need help to navigate difficult circumstances they have all been through together, and sometimes they need help when one or more members of the family begin to experience difficulties that affect everyone.

Even though the decision to work as a family might have come about because of one of the members of the family its focus is not on one individual, but on the family as a whole.

Through the therapy we will explore how the things that are talked about and known, as well as those that are not talked about or not explicitly known, affect how the family functions and develops.

Since the move to TeleHealth some extra considerations are necessary to see if I am able to provide a suitable service to your family. Working with young children under 10 is not practical online. In general terms in order for a TeleHealth family intervention to be viable all members of the family need to be able to express themselves verbally with some clarity.

Very young children are more likely to need to express themselves symbolically through play and art, if your children are in the younger age range it would be best to see a therapist that can see you in their rooms.