Do I need a referral?

Although you do not need a referral, 
there are several schemes that can help with the cost of psychological therapy.

It is important to note that most schemes cover only part of the treatment, and there are out of pocket expenses.


Medicare will provide a rebate for six sessions and up to ten per calendar year. This requires a referral from your family doctor and will depend on wether you meet criteria under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative. Please consult with your doctor for further information about this scheme.

The medicate rebate does not cover the full cost of the session and you will have out of pocket expenses.

Work Cover

Sometimes the workplace can be emotionally or physically dangerous, and people recovering from injury or other work place events will need psychological support as well as the support of other health and rehabilitation professionals. At such times your treating doctor may decide that you would benefit from psychological therapy.

Work Cover approved counselling is covered entirely by the insurance company.

Victims Services:

If you have been a victim of a violent crime in NSW you may be eligible for therapy under the victims services scheme. This scheme provides victims of crime with counselling to help them deal with the aftermath. Victims services cover al the costs of these consultations.