About Maria Fuentes

Maria began her career in the community sector, working with people from non-English speaking backgrounds to assist them to overcome trauma and 
loss. She has also worked extensively with young people and families, 
and has completed post-graduate qualifications in order to specialise in couples’ therapy.

Through her observations, Maria focuses on the therapeutic relationship to provide her patients with insight into how they interact with the world around them. In this way she hopes to provide her patients with the capacity to face their day-to-day challenges.

Since gaining her qualifications she has worked with a wide diversity of clients, holding roles in the NSW Health Service, the Independent School sector and the migrant settlement agency SLASA.

Maria is a registered service provider for Medicare, private health funds, ATASP, Victims Services, and Work Cover

In 2009 she began her private practice with rooms in Sydney CBD and Sydney South. She also started to offer TeleHealth services in 2018, and was pleased to find that TeleHealth allowed her to provide the same standard of service as face to face counselling, with the added advantage of being able to offer services to people in regional areas as well as people who had difficulty making appointment times due to their work schedule.

Since February 2020, due to  the COVID-19 crisis, she has switched her practice to TeleHealth only.

When seeing a therapist through TeleHealth it is important that you have access to a good web service, and that you can be in a safe and private space for the duration of the appointment. If video conferencing is not an option due to your connection, you can schedule a telephone appointment.

Please make sure that you can  be in a place where you will not be disturbed, and leave between 10 to 30 minutes after the appointment to give yourself some time before you get on with your day.